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5 brilliant examples of recruitment companies using PR to win new business

Written by the Editorial Team

PR is the one element of the marketing mix that most recruiters struggle to truly ‘get’. And they’re not alone. But in truth, it doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is that they understand how PR benefits their business, from raising their profile as an agency- of-choice to driving enquiries and positively impacting their bottom line. Of course, we would focus on these things – we are PRs ourselves.

However, rather than us bang the drum of how brilliant PR is for recruiters, we thought we’d share some of the results that ClearlyPR’s recruitment agency clients have achieved over the years.

Client 1:

A cyber security recruitment client of ours wanted to raise their profile and produced a series of LinkedIn Pulse articles – one of which was amended into a press release.

The press release appeared in the likes of the FT and The Guardian among others, and a senior associate at a finance company based in The City spotted it, contacted our client and made a successful placement with them.

Our client earned £18k in commission on the back of that one placement which came from a single press release.

Client 2:

A specialist healthcare recruiter had an MD who had spent the last 20 years working for the same firm. They wanted to raise his profile and make it known that he was working in a new capacity. The company also had two strong competitors who were also active in the media.

Rather than seek to compete with them on a like for like basis, it was agreed that the ‘thought leadership’ angle could be the most impactful. And it was. We produced a series of articles for his LinkedIn Pulse profile – one of which was spotted by a leading independent healthcare magazine editor.

The result was a series of three columns (full page articles) in the magazine over a period of six months that would have been seen by their clients, prospects and their competitors.

Client 3:

We created a series of newsletters that contained a mix of original and aggregated content that aimed to position our client as being at the forefront of their sector. For the first four or five months the newsletters were little more than a brand- building exercise.

By month six the client began to see some traction. In month seven they made their first sale on the back of the newsletter and from months eight and nine they were averaging two successful conversions each month as a direct result of the newsletters we were sending for them.

Their average sale was £4,500, which meant they were generating c.£9,000 per month.

Client 4:

Then Europe’s biggest job board, operating across 23 countries, commissioned us over a five-year period to develop a suite of fresh content that would consolidate our client’s position as a leading online provider of careers content.

To enhance the user experience by providing content that was relevant to both active job seekers who are ‘on’ the market and those passive job seekers who are ‘in’ the market.

We worked closely with the newly appointed online Editor to produce over 500 bespoke pieces of content, including a series of 38 eBooks.

The client saw a 300% increase in page views – from 400k to 1.2 million per month in the UK alone. Furthermore, our work won three Best Employment Advice on the Internet awards and was a Finalist for the same award twice.

Client 5:

A recruitment start-up specialising in a single niche was looking to raise their profile and build awareness of their brand within an already heavily populated sector. Our job was to make them different to many of their competitors and add value to the messages we were communicating.

The launch press release immediately grabbed the attention of the local, trade and legal media. But whilst the early results were positive, it was important to build on this momentum.

Over the subsequent 12 months, we developed a series of media communications.

One press story, which appeared in the business pages of the local newspaper, was spotted by a partner of a leading organisation within their target sector who then engaged the client.

This resulted in £60,000 in new fees for our client all on the back of a single press release.

In addition to the media relations activity undertaken, the ongoing blog and thought leadership content and social media activity increased awareness of their brand, enhanced their SEO ranking and online profile and booted the number of new business enquiries received.


So you see, PR really does work. It’s not all about being featured in the press, it goes way beyond that.

As for those who think it isn’t possible to measure its effectiveness on an agency, well, the above five cases pour water on that silly notion! If you are looking to build your agency brand and drive the business forward, speak to us. We’re ClearlyPR – the PR agency for the Recruitment industry.