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Will anyone actually care if you win prestigious awards?

Written by the Editorial Team
Clients often ask us if they should bother going for a recognition award. Often, it’s modesty holding them back – sometimes a lack of confidence or a case of imposter syndrome, a belief that they’re not ‘up there with the best’. Others, who are more confident of their chances of winning, still wonder: ‘is it really worth my time and effort?’’With the winners of the Wales HR Awards 2017 announced last month and the UK Recruiter Awards 2017 fast approaching, now is a great time to be asking these questions.

Given the multitude of daily tasks you have to do just to keep the business running, entering awards might seem like a frivolous way to spend your time. But here are five reasons why it’s really worth the investment:

  1. It’ll boost your credibility and competitiveness

Your customers care about your reputation, right? You’ve built your success off the back of what others believe and say about you. So, if you get external recognition for being the best at, say, customer service or employee engagement, then you’ll not only reinforce your current customers’ trust and loyalty, you’ll attract new ones too. And if you’ve achieved recognition in the past, then ensuring you have up-to-date awards will provide continued assurance of your excellence. Combined, customer loyalty and outstanding accolades can boost your competitive position in the marketplace.

  1. You’ll raise your profile

If you get as far as the shortlist, you’ll be mentioned numerous times across social media platforms and in the main event promotions, all of which will help with your brand awareness. You’ll also be able to generate local media coverage from newsworthy stories that the press will be interested in and, if you’re working on a ‘thought leadership’ content strategy, it’ll give you an extra badge of honour to qualify your expertise.

  1. It improves employee morale

Chances are it’s the efforts of your entire team that got you in a position to be deserving of an award in the first place. If you win, your staff will be delighted to be part of a winning team and proud to work for such a well-recognised company. It’ll also give you an opportunity to reward them for their achievements. All of which makes for happier, better engaged and easier to motivate employees.

  1. It’s an opportunity to reflect

How often do you actually look back on what you’ve accomplished? Some businesses are so caught up in the day to day they don’t stop to celebrate their achievements or review their progress nearly as much as they should. Applying and being assessed for industry recognition gives you a chance to do just that, as well as benchmark yourself against other businesses to see how you can improve or innovate your offering.

  1. You’ll learn from and connect with others

By competing alongside the best businesses in your industry or locality, you’ll have an opportunity to learn from others; what have they done to get to where they have? Are there lessons on good practice you can apply to your own business? By joining the crème de le crème, you’ll build new connections that could help you expand your reach and might lead to productive partnership opportunities.


There are many benefits in investing the time to apply for an award – above all, it’s one of the most cost effective ways of achieving great, far-reaching PR. If you’re still asking yourself whether anyone will care whether you win an award, the short answer is yes –you best start filling out that application.