Why PR is the most effective promotional tactic recruiters can use

Written by the Editorial Team

A few months back, we were contacted by a company looking for a new PR agency. They’ve been in business for over half a century, their brand is recognised and they are a strong player in their market. But after just five months with their outgoing agency, why were they looking to make a change so soon?

The answer is sales, or lack thereof.

When appointing their PR agency, they made a critical error: it was assumed they could simply sit back, let the agency do a ton of work (with minimal input from the client) and watch the sales come flooding in. Now, either the agency failed to pick up on what the company considered would be required of them and in turn, what they would get in return for their PR spend. Or, the company simply didn’t ‘get’ what PR is and the impact it has.

Either way, it was a recipe for disaster and if the client was looking to drive sales quickly, they would have gotten more bang for their buck by running an advertising campaign instead.

If you’re looking to drive sales quickly, run an ad campaign instead

The impact of PR is felt over time, and several studies have proven the return generated far outstrips that of advertising. Indeed, one report stated that 8 out of 10 senior marketers say that PR is more effective than paid media (advertising and marketing) as a method for driving interactions with customers/clients and prospects and for building trust in a business. Here’s why.

Legal recruitment client

We started working with a recruitment firm and the first press release we sent out appeared in a couple of trade publications and the business pages of their local newspaper.

A partner of one of the region’s biggest firms within their sector saw the story but didn’t have a need for a recruiter at that time. Four weeks later a position came up at that firm and the partner remembered reading about our client and he contacted them. Our client earned £30k in commission on the back of that placement and has been retained as their preferred recruitment partner ever since…we’d love to know the billings generated since that initial press release!

Tech recruitment client

A cyber security recruitment client of ours wanted to raise their profile and get in front of as many of the right people, in the right way and at the right time. We produced a series of LinkedIn Pulse articles and amended one of the articles into a press release.

The press release appeared in the likes of the FT and The Guardian among others, and a senior associate at a finance company based in The City spotted it, contacted our client and made a successful placement with them. Our client earned £18k in commission on the back of that one placement which all came from a single press release.

Practising what we preach

It works for us, too. In December, we released the results of research we undertook into the size of the recruitment industry. The day that the press release appeared in across all the recruitment trade media, we were approached by two firms – one based in Wales, the other in the Asia-Pacific region. We won them both.

The fact is this: PR pays.

We don’t advertise, we only do PR and we continue to grow our business and we’re growing because we practice what we preach. In doing so, our turnover has increased almost ten-fold since March 2017.

At a time when competition between businesses across all sectors is at a record high, I don’t care what sector you operate or how great you think you are, you WILL get left behind by your competition if you don’t take your PR seriously.

Marketing will boost your sales in the short term, but it won’t prepare you for long-term growth. Besides, if the clients we mentioned above are making that much money from their PR, it makes business sense that you do the same. Or are you really prepared to leave all that money on the table?

If you are looking to build your agency brand and drive the business forward, speak to us. We’re ClearlyPR – the PR agency for the Recruitment industry.