Content Marketing

When is the best time to send client emails that get results?

Written by the Editorial Team

A study has looked into the optimum time of the day for businesses to send emails to their customers and prospects, based on the number of opt-ins received.

Over 1.4 billion email marketing messages were analysed with the results showing that:

  • email marketing messages sent between 10:25am and 12:30pm had a 20% higher unsubscribe rate than at any other time of the day
  • those sent between 6:00pm and 9:00pm had the lowest – 15% lower than the daily average

In fact, around half of all emails sent are looked at between these times, compared to as little as one in four that are opened between 9:00 and 10:00. Why is this?

One reason could be what is called the ‘intrusion effect’ – recipients are starting to organise their day and resent being distracted. But once the working day has ended, people are more likely to be relaxed and open to receiving valuable information as they make their way home and start to relax into the evening.

Seth Godin talked about this in his seminal book, The Purple Cow. It’s permission marketing at its best. People are happy to receive information that has relevance, is informative and adds value. But it has to be when they are ready.

Marketers and PRs need to recognise that clients and candidates are extremely busy people. They frankly don’t have time to stop what they’re doing first thing in the morning or mid-way through the day.

By intruding on their prime work-time, recruitment agencies run the risk of irritating recipients. Get the timing right, however, and the reaction [in terms of engagement and opt-ins] and response rate [in terms of requests for information] from clients and candidates has been proven to be more positive.