Social Media

What makes a good Tweet?

Written by the Editorial Team

Only 1 in 3 Tweets are said to be worth reading, so what makes a Tweet one that people will bother with?

On average, around 6,000 Tweets are posted every second, which is the equivalent to 350,000 Tweets a minute and 500 million each day. Yet researchers have found that as few as 36% are considered to be “worth reading.” The rest, it can be assumed, are simply dismissed.

Against this backdrop, what then makes for a successful Tweet – one that will keep your followers engaged and won’t dampen the spirits of the person responsible for managing your recruitment agency’s social media?

The key to writing content that will keep your followers wanting more and attract others to follow you is simple: keep your posts interesting, valuable and fun. Here are six things that make a good Tweet:

  1. Pose questions

If you are a recruitment director you may have attended a UK Recruiter quarterly directors summit or an Elite Leaders meeting or something similar. These are great in that they encourage members to ask questions of their peers – questions that as well as asking for support can also stimulate debate.

Twitter works in the exact same way and research shows that 82% of Twitter users view questions as being valuable content:



  1. Add imagery

Using an image on social media makes your posts 94% more likely to be read and acted upon (HubSpot), because the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than the time it takes for the brain to decode it.

It is said that a picture tells a thousand words, so make it easier for readers to quickly identify what the post is all about by using relevant images. And think about posting pictures of things happening in the office and of the team.

Most of the consultants you want to work for you will be social media savvy, so give them a flavour of your agency’s ‘personality’ and an insight into what it might be like to work for you:



  1. Share and share-a-Like

In 2012, Researchers from the University of Bergen conducted studies into brain activity in relation to Facebook. They found that Twitter ‘likes’ triggered an endorphin rush within the brain. Simply put, people like being engaged with through social media:



  1. Share information

73% of users say that posting content that is informative and adds value to your audience. Does the post link to a page where the reader can find information that is useful to them in the here and now?

For example, at time of writing, the findings of a report into how Brexit will impact the UK recruitment industry were published. Similarly, we found out that recruitment agencies are currently setting up shop at a rate of 25 a day – so we made a graphic to illustrate this:



  1. ‘Humanise’ your Twitter accounts:

If your Twitter account is purely retweets and news stories, you’ll get minimal engagement and you won’t be getting the full value out of your social media. Your activity needs to be a combination of retweets AND a mix of conversation, engagement and original content.

Your brand is there for the making, and whilst that BBC or Harvard Business Review article might be relevant, it builds their brand, not yours. ‘Humanising’ your Twitter account means posting original content, engaging actively with your followers, and responding regularly. Pretend your Twitter account is like your mobile phone – if you don’t text your friend back for 12 hours, they won’t be happy:



  1. Blow your own trumpet every now and then…go on, it’s OK

It may surprise you to know that users really do not mind if you promote yourself on Twitter – providing it’s not all the time of course. The key to self promotion is not to brag about how super duper your recruitment agency compared to your competition.

Rather, the trick is to provide links that are really useful – think:

  • Case studies of other clients you have worked for
  • Details of awards you have won
  • Updates on the business itself such as the growth of a division, the formation of a new one or the opening of a new office

You get the picture:



Twitter is the modern equivalent of the shop-window, or the well-dressed businessman walking down the street. A well-made Twitter account will make people stop and stare, but the perfect Twitter account is inviting. You want your followers to feel comfortable engaging with you and valued as a prospective client or candidate.