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The two most powerful ways to boost your agency profile

Written by the Editorial Team

There are currently 29,000 recruitment businesses registered as trading companies in the UK right now. That’s a huge number for any industry, but if you’re one of the newer players in the game just how do you get your voice heard above the increasingly audible noise?

We have worked with over 70 recruitment businesses, job boards and suppliers to the recruitment industry and while each has their own unique voice, the ways in which we help them get that voice heard follows a similar path.

Here we share with you the two key PR tactics we employ to help our clients to be seen, hear and read by the people they want to do business with the most.

1 Social media

Yes it has been around for an age now (or 11 years in the case of LinkedIn) yet most recruiters – sorry to say – are appalling bad using social media. They fill their Twitter and LinkedIn feeds with noting but job postings, and use LinkedIn’s blogging platform (aka Pulse) as a free advertisement for their latest roles: if you want to piss off your clients and candidates and come across as self-centred with no care for anything other than to sell your wares, this is the approach for you.

But if you want to become a recruiter of choice and raise you profile as an agency that people will actually want to do business with, then share information that adds value to your market: think latest industry trends, relevant news within you sector, thought leadership and yes, you can even throw in the odd job posting here and there if you want; just keep a good balance – 3-4 posts of useful content followed by 1-2 self-promotional posts is fine.


  • Online profile raised
  • Greater chance of being found online
  • Drives traffic to website
  • Positions you as a recruiter-of-choice
  • Positions you as having your finger on the pulse of your sector

2 Thought leadership

It’s a term banded around the place but what exactly does it mean in practice? Simply put, if you really know your onions then talk about it.

For instance, we do PR for the recruitment sector and we have seen what PR tactics have worked well and what haven’t for our agency clients. So we talk about, we share best practice on this site and in our magazine with the hope that you can take away one of two snippets of information that can add value to how you promote your recruitment agency. It’s the same for you.

So consider the pain points and challenges that your clients face and share your insights into how they can overcome them. In doing so, you raise your personal profile as truly ‘getting’ your clients and the profile of the agency you represent.

Write a blog for your website, upload it to your LinkedIn profile and cross-post it in the Groups where your potential clients frequent the most.

Create an infographic to accompany the blog (Google LOVES images and this will boost your SEO), post it across each of your social media channels and if it’s that good then contact the media for your sector – if your insights can add value to your clients, then others within your sector will benefit from it too.

Do a video or even record a podcast: video is less expensive than you think and you can have a series of 3-5 short-form (1-2 minutes in length) videos for a fraction of what you would make on an average placement. Plus, because Google now owns YouTube, it actually favours video content in its search results; which again, will boost your ‘discoverability’ online.


  • You become positioned as a go-to provider in your sector
  • Your personal brand is raised and the media call you
  • Your name becomes synonymous with a specific issue or sector
  • You and your agency remain front of mind for potential clients
  • Your SEO is improved while traffic volumes and incoming enquiries increase


Getting your message ‘out there’ is easier than you think, you just need to get on with doing it. From managing your social media channels each day and growing your online audience, to producing thought leadership content and creating a suite of high-profile videos we can help you.