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The 7 essential promotional tactics all Recruitment agencies need to do this year

Written by the Editorial Team

The latest industry statistics show that 9 out of 10 businesses across all sectors now include content marketing as part of their overall promotional activity. But what do we mean by ‘content marketing’ and what sort of content falls under this banner?

Simply put, content marketing is information that has been produced to meet the needs of those people you want to be doing business with. In your case, Clients and Candidates. And it takes many forms:

  1. Articles: Blogs and articles focused on offering careers advice for Candidates or hiring insights for Clients e.g. How to ace the interview, or How to mitigate the risk of a bad hire. For the senior team, remember to post these on your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Guides and whitepapers: Draw upon your years of experience to offer a definitive ‘How to’ that seeks to help those you want to do busines with to overcome certain challenges e.g. How to boost your chances of career success, or How an effective recruitment process can reduce the risk of a bad hire.
  3. Infographics: Visually engaging and attractive graphics provide an at-a-glance overview of a common challenge. They have also been shown to boost shares and likes on social media as well as click-throughs to websites e.g. 10 steps of hiring success.
  4. Video: Facebook predicts that by 2021 most of the content posted on its site will be in the form of video. Video simply works. Not only is it visually captivating, it boosts for your SEO (Google owns YouTube and so favours video content) e.g. behind the scenes look at life working at the agency to encourage new consultant to join you, or a short-form piece-to-camera discussing the latest industry trends.
  5. Case studies: Recruiters are often accused of over-egging their achievements, so if you’re as great as you say you are then get your Clients talking about you. The best-case studies start with 1) the challenge, followed by 2) the approach taken, and finally 3) the outcome. We know you filled the role, that’s a given. So, focus on the impact that new hire had on the bottom line e.g. reduced time-to-hire which by default minimising the cost-hire.
  6. Newsletters: Engage your database on a monthly or fortnightly basis, but whatever you do – don’t sell to them! Instead, share great content that is relevant and adds value to what they do – is it interesting, does it help them with a particular challenge they face?
  7. Social media: It baffles us how some recruiters still see social media as a free sales tool to promote their job postings. It isn’t. It kills the agency brand and alienates the very people they want to do business with. We send five posts out every day for our agency clients – three are stories that are trending right now and two are promotional. Get the balance between sharing and selling right, and you’ll gain a loyal following.


The 7 essential promotional tactics all Recruitment agencies need to do in 2018

There is a plethora of great content marketing that you can do – all of which are aimed at:

  • Increasing incoming traffic to your website
  • Boosting the level of speculative enquiries you receive, which in turn drives sales
  • Improving your profile as an agency-of-choice
  • Positioning your agency and that of the senior management team as industry experts

If PR is on your promotional agenda this year, speak to ClearlyPR – the PR agency for the UK Recruitment industry.