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Survey: Using social media at work boosts employability

Written by the Editorial Team

According to the study of 277 employees of a health care organisation, conducted by Lorenzo Bizzi, people who use social media as part of their everyday work routine are exposed to more job opportunities than those whose use is restricted to out of work hours – leisure users.

They also have higher online profiles which in turn makes them potential targets for recruiters and other employers.

The survey found that almost half (47%) of those that use social media for work look for a new job via social media, compared to 25% who don’t. 64% of work users report using social media to find out about other organisations and potential employers, while 43% leisure users don’t.

Similarly, only 36% of leisure users state they have made new business connections through social media – almost half the number of work users (69%).

So, on the one hand using social media at work has been found to be a great way to build relationships, seek out new opportunities and increase one’s understanding of other organisations.

However, from an employer’s perspective, if your people are gaining more exposure to opportunities elsewhere, they could be tempted to jump ship or find themselves the focus of attention from your competitors. But hey, with a strong employee value proposition and employer brand, you’ll successfully stem the flow of top talent opting to leave the business.