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Survey finds social media key to client (and candidate) loyalty

Written by the Editorial Team

With the number of people unemployed at its lowest levels for over 40 years, the competition between recruiters to secure the best talent that is available has never been greater. But new research suggests that if your agency has little or no social media presence, candidates simply won’t engage with you.

According to the Harris Insight report, of 43% of millennials state that if a company doesn’t have a social media page that is active and seen to engage with its followers, they would rather deal with one that does.

Furthermore, almost three-quarters (72%) said they would remain loyal to those brands over the longer term, while 62% say they would recommend a company that was active across multiple social platforms (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) if they shared content that was informative and useful.

This is especially the case for recruiters. Despite the fact that 92% of employers use social media as part of their recruiting strategy (and 73% of them report being successful in hiring as a result), there remains a worryingly large number of recruitment agencies who ignore it altogether. Or they abuse it by treating it like a free job board.


Excuses for failing to fully utilise and maximise the benefits of sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn for recruiting are plentiful…and we’ve heard them all:

  • “I don’t have enough time to find good stories and post them”
  • “I need results now, not in a few weeks or months”
  • “My target clients and candidates don’t use social media for business or job searching”

These are genuine comments, yet they are each flawed statement. Social media does generate results, because:

  • it raises awareness of the recruiter and the agency they represent
  • it positions them as experts in their field
  • it builds trust among clients and candidates
  • it drives traffic to the agency website and that creates more new leads, and
  • it enables recruiters to conver these leads into sales

Social media should not be seen as a nice-to-have. Millennial job seekers in particular want to connect with agencies via social media, so make it easier for them to do so.