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Social recruiting: How getting it right drives agency revenues

Written by the Editorial Team

by Katrina Collier (The Searchologist)

Have you noticed how the ‘Have you had an accident?’ callers now use a mobile so you’ll be more inclined to answer your phone? Irritating right? You’re deceived from the outset so you hang up, block the number and, if you’re like me, curse at the time you just wasted.

Yet recruiters use similar tactics. They just have to reach HR or a hiring manager or that elusive candidate, and then they are trying to establish a relationship under a wave of deceit.

Why do it when social media gives you a platform to establish credibility and make true connections?

Of course I don’t mean LinkedIn. Sadly, LinkedIn has removed all of the features which kept people active on the site – did you know only 106 million people log in each month? For too long, recruiters on both sides of the hiring fence have been using it to post jobs or send impersonal InMails, and the result is a disinterested user base and the need to move beyond.

Sure, use LinkedIn as your marketing flyer; after all it ranks high on Google, but go and form connections on the platforms where the people you are looking to recruit are actually active.

Don’t just post your jobs, engage in meaningful conversation so you become someone worth knowing, the go-to person in the market. This is about the quick win and the slow burn.

Brexit or not, it’s a candidate driven market. People with highly sought-after skills can be as picky as they like. They can apply directly to companies. They can choose which consultant they’d like to work with. They definitely don’t have to engage with you.

socialWould you walk into a pub and yell, ‘Want a job?’ or even at a conference full of your ideal candidates do the same? No? Why? Because people would look at you oddly and not want to talk to you! A social media feed full of jobs is exactly the same thing: pointless.

However, social media can be used to build your reputation as a true expert in your field. I have had countless clients benefit by learning how to share their knowledge and expertise appropriately.

They have easily created relationships with new companies and made placements. It’s about treating people as people, it’s about becoming known and trusted.

As a judge for the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAs) I looked for the agencies that actively demonstrate they care. It wasn’t enough for me to hear you say that you’re a specialist in a certain industry, I wanted to see it.

The finalists I chose provide regular and valuable information to both clients and candidates, in the form of video, blogs, and updates. They stand out.

Don’t think you have time for social media? Think your consultants will waste their time?

In 2017, getting the attention of candidates (and new clients) will be harder than it has ever been. Companies can reach 3.2 billion people directly and they are up skilling their in-house teams because of the plethora of benefits that come from direct sourcing, the least of which is saving on upfront fees.

To ensure implementation and maximum ROI, I developed The Searchologist School. It takes social media recruitment and breaks it down into manageable chunks, quick to digest and start using.

Master classes are run each month, in London or online, and you can dip in for one or maximise your return by joining the school and becoming part of a secret support network. The Searchologist School, starting on the 7th November, arms recruiters with all they’ll need to succeed with social recruiting in 2017.

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