Thought Leadership

Should recruitment agencies capitalise on industry role models or figures?

Written by the Editorial Team

Much like looking up to your parents when you were younger, or idolising your favourite TV character, recruitment agencies could be missing a trick if they’re not using industry figures to help inspire new talent.

It was recently reported that James Bond is still used by MI6 recruiters to attract future candidates and whilst in reality, you wouldn’t want a rogue 007 personality within the MI6, it’s the lifestyle and adventure that he represents which lures in candidates year after year.

It’s not difficult to filter out these types of people. Think about the role models within your company, those who have an elevated personal brand that juniors can aspire to achieve, or the fictional characters that could promote your industry to a mass audience…

Now that we’re in the digital age, recruiters need to use high-profile figures, alongside other marketing tactics, to raise the profile of both themselves and their clients. Just like a brand name comes with loyalty, a single person can be used to inspire future and current workers.

If, when you’re reading this a person doesn’t immediately spring to mind, why not make one? A role model or industry figure could be just what you need to help recruit in-house or for clients. Who could be your next 007?

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