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Recruiter imPRint ranked in Top 30 recruitment blogs in the UK

Written by the Editorial Team

Recruiter imPRint has been ranked by UKRecruiter as one of the Top 30 recruitment blogs in the UK and Ireland. And to say we’re pretty pleased about it is the understatement of the year so far!

Launched in 2016, this site aimed to serve a gap in the knowledge market. While there are literally thousands of articles available online that talk about branding, public relations and content marketing, there was nothing specific to recruitment companies. So, we sought to change that.

The idea was a simple one: to provide practical real-world insights that will help those people who are responsible for the marketing and PR of their agencies, whether they are the managing director or marketing executive.

Each insight is based on the Clearly PR team’s own experience of working with over 80 recruitment businesses over the last five years. And it looks like recruiters quite like what they see, too.

Each month, the number of new visitors to the site continues to rise, as does the volume of quality articles we write, which now stands at over 300. All of which is complemented by our quarterly magazine – you can read the latest edition here.

We are thrilled that this site has been ranked among the very best in the UK. As the only website and magazine of its kind anywhere in the world, it is incredibly satisfying to know that what was a novel idea has proven to be something that is interesting to recruiters and adds value to their existing promotional strategy.

The success of the magazine and website is mirrored by the growth of Clearly PR itself. Not only are we now firmly positioned as one of the foremost PR agencies that specialises in the Recruitment industry, we are the largest content marketing provider for the sector in the UK.

Indeed, we currently work with 12 recruitment agencies and search firms and over the last year we have produced over 2,500 articles and 12,000 pieces of social media content for our clients.

The recruitment industry has never been more competitive than it is now. For that reason, more and more agencies are actively seeking ways to get their name seen, heard and read by those they want to do business with the most

To do so, they need to position themselves at front of mind for their prospects and raise their profile through blogs, thought leadership content, social media, media commentary, whitepapers, guides and podcasts to name but a few. Get these things right, and the return on their promotional budget will see their revenues rise significantly over time. Just ask any recruitment firm using a PR firm like us and they’ll testify to this.

Thank you for supporting and reading this website. We hope you get value from it and are able to take a few ideas for yourself that you can apply to your own agency. And if you need a steer, get in touch.