Quirky recruitment marketing could boost applications (AND staff turnover too!)

Written by the Editorial Team

Using humour in your recruitment marketing could boost job applications, but it could also backfire if the reality differs from the perception created.

Last month, the International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising published the results of a study conducted by a team of researchers in Finland.

The study found that recruitment marketing campaigns that have a sense of humour can increase exposure and applications for a given job when promoted on social media.

However, using humour has also been show to be a double-edged sword.

According to the researchers, while the number of applications is higher for those ads with an element of humour compared to what we might call ‘dry’ or traditional recruitment ads, the number of irrelevant applications goes up too.

The researchers also found that some serious candidates are put off from applying for a role by the flippant nature of the campaign, while choosing a particular social media channel over another may skew the type of applicants they receive for a given job, for better or worse.

Moreover, even if a successful hire is made, the Finnish team discovered that if the realities of the work environment are out of sync with the advertising that ‘seduced’ them to apply in the first place, they are less likely to remain in situ for long. And that could see all your hard work go to waste, not to mention commission lost.