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Our Editor presents at The Recruitment Agency Expo 2017

Written by the Editorial Team

by Paul MacKenzie-Cummins

On 1st February, I had the immense pleasure of addressing over 220 recruiters at The Recruitment Agency Expo 2017, held at Olympia in London. The Expo is the largest of its kind in the UK and attended by thousands from across the industry and from all around the UK and overseas.

So to have the opportunity to present to so many people was a great opportunity to share some insights into how agencies can build their brand using real-world practical PR tactics that we do and have done for our clients at Clearly PR & Marketing Communications.

The feedback from the presentation left me feeling ever-so humbled, so thank you to all those who attended and took time out to comment on how beneficial they found it.

PR has risen to the top of the recruitment agenda in recent years, as more and more recruiters have become aware of the ever-increasing competition entering their space and the need to ensure they remain front of mind for the prospects and clients they really want to be doing business with.

This presentation was aimed at driving home the need for agencies to seriously consider their PR. But more important is that I wanted those who attended to take away at least one or two good ideas that they can implement in their agencies straight away.

Many of you requested a copy of the slides, so I have uploaded them here and added notes to each one to provide a reminder of what was said.

Thank you to all who attended and for brilliant feedback. And if you need our help in any way, you know where we are!

Click the image below to download the presentation (best viewed in Presenter view).

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