November+December issue out now

Written by the Editorial Team

nov_dec-pt1The November+December issue of Recruiter imPRint magazine is out now. And it’s our best issue yet.

In this issue we feature three recruitment agencies that have generated some incredible results through a savvy use of media relations, social media and content marketing.

We also hear from someone who many of you will be all too familiar with, Louise Triance from UKRecruiter. Louise shares with us her top tips on how to write an award-winning award entry.

Katrina Collier (aka The Searchologist), who was recently recognised as one of the top 9 Most Influential People in Recruitment today, talks to us about social media in recruitment.

She shows us how getting their social media right, recruiters can derive some significant results both in terms of their profile but also the positive impact it can have on the bottom line.

Our editor, Paul MacKenzie-Cummins leads with the featured article this month – How to win back lost customers…through savvy marketing and PR. The article looks at research published in Harvard Business Review that has found the most effective marketing strategy – and the one which generates the highest profits and ROI – is one that is focused on previous customers, not new ones.

Also in this issue:


  • 8 of the best leadership articles from the last four weeks
  • How the highest profit and ROI comes from winning back lost clients
  • 10 powerful ways to get your agency name ‘out there’
  • How to win back client trust when a crisis strikes


  • How Facebook’s Workplace may help improve communications within your teams
  • Why Twitter’s days are far from being over


  • How to create a content marketing plan for your agency
  • Why you need to think about having a mission statement for your content marketing strategy
  • How to get the most from your Facebook content


  • Win or lose, recruitment awards can really boost your agency profile (and bottom line)
  • How to write an award-winning entry
  • How to promote your award win

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