No cash or credit cards, just CVs: How one employer’s creative approach to recruitment has won worldwide attention

Written by the Editorial Team

Budapest 3Those with green credentials will be all too familiar with the concept the Totnes pound, where goods and services are paid for using a currency that can only be used locally.

The idea of course is to support the local economy and has, to some extent, been successful. Now a creative agency has taken the concept and applied it to the recruitment process.

POSSIBLE, a creative agency with offices in London and Budapest, is currently hiring for a number of roles (20 altogether) for its Hungarian office. But instead of advertising the positions on their website, job boards or even via recruiters they have opted instead to transform their website into an e-commerce platform.

And, the only accepted ‘currency’ is a candidates’ CV.

Budapest 2Under the campaign title, ‘Shop of Possibilities’, the agency’s entire home page has a number of Hungarian-themed products that can only be ‘paid for’ by applicants uploading their CV and LinkedIn details.

We think this is a brilliant idea, for a number of reasons:

  1. The tactic has created a buzz around the company and that will get them on the radar of those candidates looking to work for an agency that is genuinely different
  2. By doing something so outlandish they are demonstrating their creativity and this is turn will get the attention of the clients they want to work with – clients who may be frustrated by the lack of creatively with other agencies
  3. It raises awareness of a key challenge facing the company and others in the same sector i.e. the difficulties in finding and attracting top talent in a region that is more used to a talent drain rather than a talent gain

Krisztina Parrag, Delivery Director, says: “Budapest is a vibrant city, but it’s still hard to find and attract international talent.

“We wanted to find a cool way to sell our city and culture to job seekers and not just the agency. That is why we decided to create the Shop of Possibilities. It’s an open invitation to people all over the world and demonstrates exactly why we want to become a more diverse and international office.”

Giovanni Pintaude, executive creative director, said that the purpose of the campaign was to both “sell” the company and the wider Budapest culture.

“We also realise that applying for jobs isn’t always a positive experience, so we wanted to make it one, and at the same time, give something back to the applicant.

“Making it more personal and more fun than the average recruitment process. The items you can buy all relate to our values as a global company – from the ‘interested’ rubix cube, to the beer that is drunk ‘together’ and the mug which provides a ‘relentless’ caffeine hit.”

This is simply great PR, great use of creativity and a great way to position an organisation as an employer that people will be excited to work for. An essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail. To stand out from the ever-increasingly audible noise within the recruitment marketplace means behaving in a way that really grabs the attention of the clients and candidates you want to work with.

That’s what POSSIBLE has done, could you do something equally as audacious?