New Welsh campaign uses male lead to boost healthcare recruitment

Written by the Editorial Team

The skills shortage in the health sector is nothing new, but the recruitment marketing strategy being used by the Welsh Government is.

In a bid to boost applications and address the talent strains facing the sector, ministers in Cardiff have launched a new campaign that features aims to appeal to a very specific section of the labour force – men.

According to the Nursing Times, an estimated 1 in 10 of Wales’ nurses are men – “a figure which has remained static for many years and seems to be a common trend in other parts of the UK too.”

By fronting the campaign with a senior male nurse, the Welsh Government hopes to raise the profile of nursing as a profession of choice for men, while developing its pipeline of talent and fill the vacancies it currently has.

This is a good approach from ministers, and one that recruitment agencies and employers in other sectors should look to emulate – especially those keen to hear from diverse candidates.

Indeed, organisations continue to struggle when it comes to fulfilling their diversity and inclusion hiring objectives. However, take a quick look at many of their recruitment marketing efforts and it becomes clear why this is.

If you only advertise your employer brand using imagery which features stock images of young white male and female workers, for example, the impression potential candidates will have is that this is a representation of your organisation’s workforce – one that is exclusive, rather than inclusive.

So, when working with clients on their next recruitment strategy, stop and think if the way in which you are profiling the business is likely to appeal to the candidates they really need, and in the right way.