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March/April issue of Recruiter imPRint out now

Written by the Editorial Team

Issue 10 of Recruiter imPRint is available to download now – no details required, simply click the link, read and share.

In this issue:

  • PR: What is it good for?
  • Half-Time Hiccup: Why your reputation matters when recruiting top talent
  • So, nobody wants the job. What next?
  • The importance of buyer personas and how you can use them in recruitment
  • For all its benefits, where can Instagram have a detrimental impact?
  • It’s not an ‘optional extra’ or an ‘add on’; why good PR is vital for the success of your recruitment business
  • The transformation of job boards
  • Tips and tricks for recruiters using social media
  • Should your PR and marketing strategy take into account corporate social responsibility?
  • Non-starter for 10: Things you must STOP saying in business right now!