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Lack of skilled Brexit workers creates demand for recruiters

Written by the Editorial Team

The last few months have been dominated with stories of how the UK’s exit from the European Union will come at the detriment of jobs in this country. However, news out this week reveals that Brexit is already creating new jobs – in the government. And there’s a shortage of skilled workers to take them.

Dominic Rabb, the new Brexit secretary, last week confirmed that planning for a no-deal Brexit is being held back due to a shortfall in the number of skilled civil servants required – 9,000 of them to be precise.

The government is due to be holding a crisis update meeting in mid-September to discuss the issue. But senior civil servants told The Times that Mr Rabb et al are deluded if they think the government can recruit the talent it needs.

A spokesperson at UK Customs Solutions, said: “To be officially recognised as trained in this industry, it’s three years of on-the-job training.” At the same time, the Irish foreign ministry accused the UK government of being “ill-informed.” It questioned its ability to “have people inspected,” in reference to uncertainty over the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland once Brexit takes effect next March.

Some of the 9,000 roles being recruited for, include policy advisers, statisticians, governance managers, media staff and US trade advisers.