Content Marketing

4 styles of content that’ll boost vistitor numbers to your website

Written by the Editorial Team

If you are serious about attracting new clients and candidates to your agency website AND give them a reason to engage with you, the content on your company blog needs to be right. Otherwise, how will they know what makes you stand out in the sea of other organisations?

Managing a blog is not just something that bigger brands with well-staffed marketing departments do. It’s something that you do, you and your teams. But choosing what to write about takes more than simply thinking about a good topic, your audience is picky and they respond most to four key styles of content:

  1. Information:

This style of blog communicates the news. There is little or no opinion, just the facts.

  1. Analysis:

This post looks at what the news means to your audience.

  1. Helpful:

This is ‘information marketing’ at its best – it provides answers to a question, need or concern of your audience. It is the How-to format which borders on the role of consulting (even customer service). For example, you could produce a blog on how recruitment firms and employers can better prepare themselves for the changes that lie ahead; thereby positioning you as understanding the challenges your audience faces and crucially, being able to provide a solution.

  1. Timely:

To be truly helpful your blog posts need to appeal to the right people at the right time. During the recession, job boards were guilty of recycling careers advice that was only relevant to supporting job seekers during buoyant times – what the hell was the point of that? Similarly, there is a certain recruitment news website which publishes stories more than a week after they have come out – a week after all their competitors have released the same news.

Be relevant, be timely, tell it now not next week.