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If your new PR professionals ever say any of these things, FIRE them!

Written by the Editorial Team

From empty promises to fakery, there are many ways to spot the red flags of a poor PR professional. It’s important to note that PR practitioners face many challenges when it comes to securing press opportunities for clients, but the key to becoming a good PR professional is having the ability to  build relationships with the media, using your industry knowledge to create opportunities and making smart decisions to increase clients’ reputations.

Just as the Recruitment industry has a few bad apples, from recruiters who don’t always take the time to reply to unsuccessful candidates to those who put the wrong candidates forward for roles, there will also be people within the PR industry that you need to watch out for. These are professionals who have no interest in providing a good service, ruining the industry’s reputation for those who are working hard for their clients. These pesky PRs wreak havoc on the positive relationships that good PR professionals try to build and maintain.

So, ‘what should I be looking out for?’ – I hear you cry. Well, here’s a few phrases that PR Daily suggests are the ultimate warning signs to hear from your newly appointed PR professional. And remember, the true PR expert will be one who manages your expectations and delivers real results, rather than promises unicorns and pots of gold.