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If your agency doesn’t have digital marketing agency expertise, you’re making a big mistake – Greg Savage

Written by the Editorial Team

Never one for mixing his words, Greg Savage told a delegation that unless recruitment agency’s get on board with content, social and digital marketing they will not only lose ground to their competition, they’ll end up on the losing side in the escalating war for talent.

Speaking at an event organised by talent marketing platform idibu, Savage made the prediction that 50% of the recruitment industry as we know it will no longer exist in 25 years. He said that the proliferation of technology and recruitment apps will “decimate” the sector.

Short of sounding like a Daily Mail’esque the end of world is nigh rhetoric, Savage was keen to point out that those recruiters who “prove their worth” to clients and candidates will be the eventual winners.

He said that while LinkedIn and job boards will continue to play an important role in the searching of candidates for some time yet, recruiters must also be mindful that users of such platforms are less engaged than those of Facebook.

He also added that Google is fast-becoming a job search tool and savvy recruiters are those who will have a well-developed digital strategy to enable them to be seen and heard above the increasingly audible online noise.

But how can this be achieved?

“Every recruitment agency needs to operate as a digital marketing agency,” he said. “If you’ve got six people in your company – your seventh hire needs to be a digital marketing expert.

“If you don’t have those people in-house, you’re making a massive mistake.

“When I say digital marketing – I mean a sophisticated social strategy and a sophisticated SEO. I mean content marketing. This is how you will attract candidates – it’s clients too… But candidates we want to place in jobs will engage with us through a sophisticated marketing strategy.”

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