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How to write an award-winning Recruitment awards entry!

Written by the Editorial Team

by Louise Triance, UKRecruiter

I’ve been lucky enough to have been a judge on a fair few industry award panels over the years. Whilst it’s a real honour to be involved, it can also be massively depressing.

Some awards attract dozens of nominations per category, and when many of these are actually very low quality it does rather put a dampener on things!

So don’t be that damp squid – here are my top tips on how to write an award-winning awards entry.

Read the Question

This is my number one tip and you might think it’s really rather obvious. Let me tell you; it’s the biggest mistake entrants make. You can write paragraphs of beautiful prose on why your company is so amazing BUT if you were asked to talk about your use of social media or employee engagement then you score nil points!

Stick to the word count

You may think you have so much relevant stuff to say that 500 words just won’t do.  However, when a judge has 25 different entries to read they do not want some of them going way over the word limit. Additionally, once you’ve answered the question… please stop talking.

Give examples and stats

The number of times I’ve read a gushing narrative about the amazingness of a companies reward structure or revenue achievements without a single example or stat. You don’t have to give away your trade secrets, but please bear in mind that judges treat information shared in award entries with the utmost confidence.

Avoid jargon

I’ve been in the recruitment industry for well over 20 years but still see strange acronyms and jargon on awards entries, which means absolutely nothing to me. It’s hard for me to get excited about your entry when that’s the case.

Show your passion 

I love an award entry where you can feel the company is a winner.  Help bring that out in your entry by showing passion and the use of persuasive language.

Finally, this ought to go without saying – but ….

Only enter for an award you can actually win

I’ve seen nominations for social media awards from companies who, frankly, my six year old has a bigger online presence than and “Manager” awards from bosses who could give Lord Sugar a run for his money.