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How to use #hashtags to build a campaign

Written by the Editorial Team

The majority of social media platforms have now fully embraced the use of hashtags and businesses are seeing the benefits too. They boost your social engagement rates, increase the number of impressions and drive traffic to your destination of choice. But have you ever thought about building your own hashtag campaign?

Take the lead over your competition and let your hashtag campaign provide your company with topic-focused conversation’s and a huge boost in social engagement and website click-throughs.

When planning your campaign, you should look at the 3W’s:

The What?
Look at your business goals, you need to consider what you are looking to achieve with this campaign, whether it be building awareness of your company, educating candidates or attracting new clients.

The Who?
Focusing on who your audience are is important. Who will this campaign be for? Will it be for your clients or for your current or potential candidates? This will help your campaign be more focused and attract the right people you want to be reaching out to.

The Where?
Your where is your social platforms. This really ties into who your audience are. If you are looking to reach professionals, you’d use LinkedIn as they are the largest professional network with 562 million active users. Equally, Facebook has 2.072 billion users, Twitter has 326 million users and Instagram has 1bn users. These are all key social platforms you can be utilising for your hashtag campaign.

Campaign Content
Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. Combining your organic content (content that is found through unpaid distribution, such as a tweet) with paid social media ads will increase your campaign’s reach. Remember to keep an eye on your analytics so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. Are your clients and candidates preferring a quick 10 second video in comparison to an infographic? Do your images receive a higher engagement rate in Twitter, than in Facebook? These are elements of your hashtag campaign that can be adapted throughout the course of your campaign or even kept in mind for future hashtag campaigns.

The multi-platform strategy allows your campaign to promote through the use of user-generated content. With the greatest form of marketing being word-of-mouth, you can’t go wrong getting people involved with the hashtag. A competition perhaps? Or even just a festive twist that clients and candidates can get involved with. There are so many ways to get your audience involved in your campaign it would be a wasted opportunity to not involve this interactive element in your social movement.

Re-evaluate Your Goals
It’s important to keep evaluating the hashtags social presence throughout the time you are using it, know how it is growing and where it is growing most. It’s also important to keep re-evaluating your goals for the campaign; when you’ve succeeded in reaching the goal you originally set out to complete, be daring and make a new one. If you originally thought to use this campaign for a month but it’s a huge success, keep using it!

The best advice we can give is please think about what your hashtag is going to be, think about how it will appear online and be sure to check that it hasn’t been used for anything else. Proper hashtag preparation will ensure you avoid being a part of the biggest hashtag disasters.

Don’t be afraid of starting your own hashtag camping, embrace your social presence and enhance your digital footprint by putting your best hashtag forward. Good luck!