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How to get your consultants on board with your marketing strategy

Written by the Editorial Team

As one of the sponsors of The Recruitment Network, I attended one of the meetings which focused on marketing and PR for agencies. One of the biggest challenges recruitment agency owners/directors said they face is trying to get their teams to buy into and help support their agency’s marketing efforts.

Your consultants are the holders of expert knowledge in their fields – they speak to clients and candidates every day and really understand the challenges they are facing. Using that expert knowledge in your marketing can make the difference between generic content and something really interesting.

For example, one client we work with is featuring four different consultants in a series of videos each month. The videos are each focused in different sectors and provide an overview into what is trending in those sectors and the key roles currently in demand. The idea is that it positions the agency as being at the forefront of their sectors and it raises the individual profile of the consultants themselves.

A large amount of a recruitment agency’s brand equity is created by its consultants – they are the ‘shop window’ for your business. So it’s important to get them to understand the role they play in driving the agency’s marketing and to engage with the process. Here are my top tips for getting your consultants on board with your marketing strategy.

Focus on the end goals

For every piece of marketing activity you do that involves your consultants, make sure you take the time to explain to them why you are doing it and how it fits within your marketing strategy as a whole. They won’t get excited about getting involved with marketing unless they understand what the end goal is and how it will benefit them.

Make it easy

Consultants are busy people and they don’t have a lot of time to spare, so one of the key ways to get them enthusiastic about marketing is to make it easy. Want them to blog? Give them topic lists, templates and guidelines for creating and sharing content. Want them to appear in a video? Write the script for them and film it in their lunch break. Want to share an article about their specialism? Interview them journalist-style and write it up for them.

Tools like Passle or Article Generator Pro (for written content) or Canva (for shareable images) make it quick and easy for anyone to produce content.

Appeal to their vanity

Everyone likes to feel important and respected, so make sure you emphasise the fact that getting involved in marketing will raise their own profile among their clients, candidates and peers.

Publish articles they have contributed to under their byline, and encourage them to share on social media so others get to know them as a thought leader.

Use a carrot, not a stick

When you want your consultants to do more marketing activity, it can be tempting to set targets for them to make sure things get done. However, this often results in poorly thought out and uninspired marketing that is simply done to meet their target.

Instead, concentrate initially on finding early adopters who are already enthusiastic about marketing, work with them and when they start bringing in extra business, the rest of your consultants will want a piece of the action.

Communicate success

The best way to convince someone that a job is worthwhile is to show, not tell, so it’s vital to talk about the success of marketing activity and share what’s worked around the company. Team meetings, company catch-ups and all-hands emails are all great ways to communicate the great results you’ve had marketing with the help of your consultants.