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How many blogs a month should you be producing?

Written by the Editorial Team

Unless you run your recruitment agency like it’s still 1999, you won’t have failed to notice that blogs have become a ‘thing’. In fact, they’re so popular that you’d be hard-pressed to find an agency whose website doesn’t have a dedicated blog page. But how often do you need to be producing a blog for it to have any real impact on your agency business?

Traditionally, recruitment agency websites have existed to serve three key functions:

  1. To advertise the roles that you’re recruiting for and encourage applications
  2. To promote the who you are, what you do and why people should work with you, and
  3. To provide the means by which interested candidates and clients can contact you

In today’s ultra-competitive recruitment marketplace, this approach is simply not enough. For starters, the number of agencies operating in the UK has jumped from 12,500 in 2012 to almost 40,000 today. So, there are more players competing for the business you already have, and that which you want to win.

Then there are the actions of these new players themselves – the way they promote themselves. With the low-cost to entry, great-looking websites can be created relatively quickly. To get people visiting these sites, their owners know that they need to have a steady flow of interesting content on them in the form of a blog.

The more content there is and the frequency at which it is posted, the greater the number of opportunities to drive traffic to their site. Not to mention the impact on their SEO – the likes of Google et al favour content that delivers value over and above anything that is blatant self-promotion. As such, great content = superior SEO (which in turn reduces your spend in this area!).

How often do you need to write?

The rule of thumb is for agencies employing 15 people or less, one blog per week is ample. This is primarily because of a lack of internal resources. Time is a precious commodity and chances are the writing would fall to one of your consultants who, let’s be honest, would rather focus more of their energies on immediately billable activities than on writing a piece of prose!

For larger businesses, you need to be looking at two or more per week. This not only gives the perception of the scale of the business, it also provides the opportunity for some of the blogs to be associated with specific people within the business; thereby, raising their profiles as true experts and thought leaders.

Final thoughts: How to promote your blog

  • Share across your social media channels three times per week per blog
  • Include the latest blogs in your clients and candidate newsletters
  • Add to the email signature of you and your teams
  • Add link in your email campaigns
  • Create an infographic to accompany ‘How to’ and research-based blogs
  • Great blogs can make for great video content
  • Promote it via paid-for formats, such as those on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

If you’re looking for support for your agency blog, get in touch with the team at Clearly PR – the UK’s biggest provider of content marketing for the recruitment industry. They’re written over 2,500 original articles over the last 12 months and know how to create great content that delivers results for agency businesses.