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Google to enter recruitment tech space

Written by the Editorial Team

Last week we posted that Facebook could be looking to get in on the recruitment action and knock LinkedIn off its increasingly vulnerable perch, from which it has occupied top spot for so long.

And it seems Facebook may not be the only behemoth to have its sights set on the sector. Now Google is about to join the recruitment tech part.

The tech giant has announced the launch of its Cloud Jobs API – a “machine learning service that provides the necessary lingua franca between the job seeker and employer job postings in order to improve the hiring process.”

According to Google, Cloud Jobs API “understands the nuances of job titles, descriptions, skills and preferences, and matches job seeker preferences with relevant job listings based on sophisticated classifications and relational models.”




For candidates, Cloud Jobs API aims to overcome the lack of industry standards for job descriptions and how it relates to specific skills. By doing so, candidates receive better and more relevant job search results.

For recruiters, the API claims to be easily integrated into existing ATS, job boards and careers sites. And because the job search function delivers more accurate searches for candidates, recruiters receive more relevant and better-qualified applications.

The service is currently limited to users of CareerBuilder, Dice and Jibe and according to some industry analysts Cloud Jobs API could become a potential competitor for job aggregators and recruitment social networks such as Indeed, LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

Source: Google