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FROM THE MAGAZINE: How start-up agencies are disrupting the market

Written by the Editorial Team

In 2016, we received a call from the managing partner of one of Europe’s largest and most established executive search firms. They wanted to speak to us about helping them to raise awareness of their brand and positon themselves as front of mind within their target markets. OK, I said, but as a genuine market leader what on earth can we do to enhance your position in each of the markets you serve, I asked?

The answer surprised me. While the company was indeed a- if not the- leader in their space, the share of the market they commanded was under threat from the raft of newer agencies entering the market.

They knew they could no longer trade on the power of their name. Nor would their longevity and extensive presence in the industry guarantee their continued success. A change of approach was needed in order to stave off the growing number of new players snapping at their heels.