Content Marketing

Five content marketing tactics you need to do in 2019

Written by the Editorial Team

2019 is here and content marketing is more important than ever. Forever evolving, it’s crucial that your business isn’t left behind because it isn’t keeping up with what your target audience wants. In fact, 86% of UK businesses use some form of content marketing to build their brand, extend audience reach and ultimately, drive new business.

Here are some of the trend we are expecting to be popular in the following year:

Content length
Honestly, nobody seems to be able to agree on the limit that separates short and long-form content, but according to the Quartz Curve, it’s anything above 800 words that is considered long-form. Although the benefits of short-form are that it’s easier and quicker to create, the latter form of content is going to be so important in the following year with search engines favouriting longer content because of its higher value of SEO. With added benefits of keeping clients on your site, it is also a way of demonstrating your expertise within your industry with more thoughtful and insightful content that is more likely to be shared across social platforms.

You don’t have to be a professional to know just how popular videos are these days. From vloggers to vines (soon-to-be Byte), it’s estimated that by 2021 82% of global internet traffic will be centred around videos. So, it makes business sense to get onboard with video sooner rather than later, if you haven’t already. One of the greatest things with video marketing is that it gives your company the chance to be more engaging and stand out from your competition.

Previously, chatbots have proven to provide both a personalised customer experience which led to an increase in engagement. With the chatbot market continuously growing, operating costs should drop and make it more accessible to more industries and companies. Don’t be put off if you have a vivid memory of those old chatbots that couldn’t understand a single thing. With developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence, the chatbots of the near-future will be adaptable and ultimately useful for those frequently asked questions. All of which means you can engage with your current and potential customers, address their concerns and provide solutions to the challenges they face. In doing so, you become a provider of choice in your field.

Social Media
It can be as simple as creating a whole campaign around a simple hashtag to the limitless possibilities social media can provide for your company. With the various audience types, it’s important to know who yours are to find your perfect social platforms. Having the ability to reach both active and passive customers will come as a huge advantage in terms of better engaging with customers, reminding them of who you are, what you do and how you can help them.

It’s no secret that people are more likely to use a brand/company/organisation that they know and trust. Around 91% of people are willing to reward a brand for authenticity. Becoming a more relatable and personable brand will bring trust and loyalty to your company. With the natural instincts of most people wanting to fit in and be a part of a community, you can build this into your marketing strategies. Authenticity is more about being transparent. Make sure you’re clear and honest about what you are offering and how you stand out above the others in your industry.

So, be sure to remember to keep these tactics in mind when you’re planning your marketing strategy this year.