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Facebook gunning to become job search provider of choice

For years, LinkedIn has been referred to as the ‘Facebook for business professionals’. Now, it seems, Facebook wants to become the ‘LinkedIn for professionals’ as it seeks to exploit a gap that LinkedIn has as yet failed to fully exploit – trades.

LinkedIn’s core audience is the professional services sector, with the number of blue collar professionals engaging on the platform pitifully low. Facebook has always been the social media of choice for this demographic and so it follows that the great behemoth of all the social platforms should roll out its own job board.

Initially launched in the US in 2017, Facebook’s jobs board is now available in 40 countries and is aimed at small businesses with the UK version set to go live anytime soon. For job seekers, application forms are automatically filled in using the individual’s Facebook profile and once submitted, Facebook will launch a Messenger conversation with the employer so they can speak directly.

With 2.2 billion users worldwide (compared to LinkedIn’s 260 million) and an estimated 40% of small businesses reporting difficulties recruiting staff, could Facebook plug the gap? Quite possibly.