Clearly PR in the news this week (and what recruiters can learn)

We have said it many times before – we love what we do. So much so that we treat Clearly PR as if it is a client in itself, which means that we are constantly looking for opportunities to get ourselves in the media as much as we do for every client we represent. And the last seven days have been particularly great.

Here’s the media coverage we have generated for ourselves since last Monday:

Daily Express (audience reach 598,000) – “Facebook stock PLUMMETS as scrutiny intensifies”. Our MD said: “Each time a new case arises, Facebook’s response is the same: delay and hope the story simply goes away – which it never does – followed by denial.” More commentary followed. READ FULL STORY

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat (audience reach 1.9 million) – “Are adverts delibereatly racist?” Our MD said: “It’s an ultra-competitive market and the retail space has never been as competitive as what it is now. They need to do something to get their voices seen and heard.” More commentary followed. READ FULL STORY

Daily Express (audience reach 598,000) – “Brexit myth BUSTED: Small business confidence is BACK as EU exit fears fall FLAT”. Our MD said: “The rate of growth we’re experiencing reflects, in my view, a confidence that has been growing in the economy over the last six months.” More commentary followed. READ FULL STORY

BBC 2 Victoria Derbyshire Show (audience 2.3 million) – Discussion on the accusation from Chance the Rapper that some big brands are using racism in their adverts to attract attention. Our MD said: “There is the constant need for brands to grab the attention of those consumers they want to engage – to attract. So, agencies will be charged with having to constantly be thinking of new, exciting ways to get their clients’ brands seen and heard above the increasingly audible noise.” More commentary followed. WATCH FULL STORY (scroll to 1hr 47 mins)

V3/Computing magazine (audience reach 1.4 million) – “Why Facebook is in decline and has been for many years”. Our MD said: “The the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal will go beyond the $60bn that has been wiped off Facebook’s market value”. More commentary followed. READ FULL STORY

So, what does the above tell us? For starters, you will see that it is possible to use the same message yet tailor it to different audiences.

It also shows that sharing the same line of reasoning as every other Tom, Dick and Harry rarely, if ever, results in positive media coverage. You have to be different, but in a way that sheds a different shade of light onto a subject (see our article on why press releases fail).

Finally, it is proof positive that we practice what we preach as an agency. There are some great PR firms out there, although we have yet to find one that is as proactive in their promotion as Clearly PR in terms of their own media relations, social media and all-round content and blogging activity.

We don’t do these things things just because we are passionate about them. These are essential to our long term ambitions. They build our brand, get us on the radar of those organisations we would like to work with, and generate new business enquiries. This positively impacts our bottom line and is the main reason why we have seen a 10-fold growth in revenues since January 2017.

PR works. Simple. Just choose your PR partner wisely.