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Banging on about blogs and fannying around with photos…social ROI pays

Written by the Editorial Team

by Chloe Whitelock, PIE Recruitment

chloeI’ve gone through a career evolution. Two years ago, I was a recruiter. After 15 years, and with all of the highs and lows that a fast-paced sales career brings, I still loved it.

I was a seller, driven by smashing targets, seeing my carefully nurtured team do the same and delighting customers and candidates alike. As a marketing recruiter, a lot of the marketing language I use today was then my day-to-day conversation and assessment subject matter, but that’s where my involvement ended.

Then, if someone were to ask me to take time out of my prime selling time to write some blogs, plan my social media profiles or pay attention to my personal branding I might have been interested, but it would have been one of those jobs that only ever existed as a footnote on the bottom of my to do list. There was always something much more important or that was going to contribute to the bottom line more instantly.

Now I find myself chanting the virtues of blogging, content marketing, social sharing and value added personality branding…what?

I’m the nagging voice of doom to a captive audience of my recruiter colleagues, but I love it, and maybe they’re starting to realise that all this banging on about blogging does PAY…

You may have noticed that if you do see any of our posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere we can stick ‘em, PIE have just been ranked in Linkedin’s Top 25 Most Socially Engaged 2016.


Quite an accolade really, not just that this is out of 60,000 recruiting companies globally but also that we are not even 2 years old yet.

So what does this mean? And more importantly, exactly how does it PAY?

Being socially engaged means that clients and candidates alike have a view on not only the personality of the recruitment business they are engaging with, but also the views and nature of people they’ll be working with.

It’s all about standing out. We do things differently.

But how does a client, candidate or – crucially – a new potential employee pick you out from the myriad of recruiters out there in your space?

Why should somebody work with / for you? Why should you work for them?

In a world where recruiter USPs are increasingly hard to define, traditional mediums of websites, printed materials and all too sporadic email marketing campaigns can make even the hardest thought-out selling strategies sink into the pale.

But the marketing department can’t do it alone, or take the credit. It takes collaboration and team contribution.

pie-branding3-650x344Communicating directly to “tribes”, being part of their digital diet and being truly socially engaged is giving us a platform to evangelise exactly what it is we believe in and highlight our latest and greatest products on a daily basis. Doing this by making some noise via our greatest assets, our people, their voices and their social / professional networks is paying.

With site traffic increasing by incredible percentages month on month, quarter on quarter, visibility on our brand in traditional and social media profiles, both as members and as an organisation, is rocketing.

All of a sudden, some of the selling has been done for us. In some circumstances, justification on what makes us who we are has already been pre-qualified.

Hopefully some of the material we put out there can add value, whether the audience is looking for jobs and enjoy some of new formats we display them, whether it’s the process support information, whether they’re happy at work but some of our insights into markets or it’s our in job effectiveness tips that helps, LinkedIn have confirmed that people ARE reading it.

We’re getting noticed. That’s the point. And it’s a feel good factor all round.

So, fortunate enough to have had the opportunity and moment to do so, I’ve switched careers: Marketing Recruiter turned Marketer in Recruitment. Poacher turned Gamekeeper if you like.

Still working in the industry I love, with people I respect and genuinely enjoy spending time with but now working on the strategy of making sure we stand out and what makes PIE an obvious choice for sales and marketing recruitment.

I’m sorry PIE recruitment team, I’m going to keep banging on about blogs. Thanks for not making it the bottom of your priority list. You’ve all done a fantastic job, keep it up.

Proud to be PIE.