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5 mistakes recruitment agencies keep making on social media

Written by the Editorial Team

You’ve heard it all before – social media has the potential to be the ‘game changer’ in your recruitment agency’s marketing strategy. There’s no question about it, you should absolutely invest in social media marketing. After all, 92% of employers use it to search for potential candidates, 53% of job seekers search for a new job via social media, and around 1 in 3 recruitment agencies plan to increase their investment on social media marketing. It’s where your candidates are hanging out, so you should be too.

However, there are some rules to abide by when using social media for business purposes – the word ‘business’ being key here.

Social media is a fantastic tool to build your agency brand, raise the profile of your top consultants, position your agency as the go-to provider of choice and yes, it can and does drive new business sales. But to get the maximum return on your social media investment, you must avoid the following common mistakes:

1 Killing your posts with an overuse of #hashtags: For years we have been told that hashtags are critical to the success of your content being ‘discoverable’, but as it turns out this is simply twaddle! Because Twitter is simplistic, social media ‘evangelists’ everywhere can’t quite accept that its beauty and appeal is its simplicity and instead have sought to add another layer to this microblogging platform because…well, for the life us we really don’t know.

You don’t need to include hashtags at all to be found. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself – simply enter the word ‘recruitment’ into Twitter’s search bar without the hashtag prefixing it and compare the search results to those returned when the hastag is omitted – can you spot the difference? You actually get MORE results without the hashtag. Besides, Seth Godin doesn’t use hastags – ever – in his posts, so if it’s good enough for him, we’re grand with that.

1 in 3 recruitment agencies plan to increase

their investment on social media marketing

2 Posting the same message across all channels: Whilst it’s important for a business to have a broad online presence, posting the same message across multiple platforms is not the answer. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube etc, all have very different qualities and therefore different demographics (see image below). So think about why your message is appropriate for the network and which platform would suit your target audience:

  • Facebook – brand focused
  • Twitter – real-time news consumption
  • LinkedIn – professional online networking and industry news
  • Google+ – brand focused
  • Instagram – visual engagement

3 Lack of strategy: Setting up accounts on social media networks will expose you to consumers but also competitors. Your online profile tells the public what you are doing, or not doing. Posting a series of random messages just to populate your timeline isn’t going to help you create a positive perception online. Have a strategy – know what you want to post about and how often. And whatever you do, DON’T spam your audience with nothing but job postings – doing that will lose you more fans that you seek to attract and could damage your online brand!

4 Prioritising quantity over quality: Try not to become obsessed with numbers. Creating quality posts that engage a smaller number of followers initially will prevail in the long run and have a greater impact than frequent uninteresting posts which although they might attract followers quickly, they will drop off eventually. By taking time over your content, you will develop a loyal network of followers; remember if the content is engaging the numbers will look after themselves.

5 Posting out of date content: The beauty of social media is that it allows you to control your own news agenda. You have the power to post about sector relevant information and consequently demonstrate your knowledge of the field. On the other hand, it can make you look like you’re a little late to the party – if the information turns out to be several months old, you can be sure that your competitors posted about it several months ago.

From building your online audience and engaging with your communities in real time to finding, creating and posting content that your market is interested in, social media is not something that can be done over your early morning coffee. It takes time to find great content that resonates with your audience. Clearly PR can source and post this content for you across each of your preferred platforms from as little as £250 per month. Interested? Click here for more details.