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4 reasons why your recruitment agency will need PR in 2019

Written by the Editorial Team

No intro needed, let’s just get straight to the point:

1. Stand apart from the competition:
Figures published by Clearly PR show that the number of PR agencies operating in the UK right now stands at 40,000 – 10,000 of which started up in 2018 alone! Your prospects have more choice than ever before and PR will help position you as the go-to provider in your sector.

2. Attract top talent…for your own agency:
The recruitment sector currently employs 115,000 people – 17,250 more than in 2017, according to the REC. Ironically, agencies struggle to recruit for themselves. Yet by undertaking PR, they can raise their profile as an employer of choice in their own right and make people want to work for them.

3. Get more bang for your buck:
A report conducted by Outsell found that 81% of senior markets say PR is more effective than advertising for building brands, boosting client and candidate engagement, and building trust in agencies. Crucially, PR has been shown to drive new business revenues – just ask any of the 15 recruitment agency clients we work with!

4. Attract high-value clients:
Recruiters are great at telling people how great they are, yet few actually show what makes them so. Clients are savvy enough to see through the sales spiel, they want you to share your successes with them and how this makes you best-placed to help them. PR enables you to enhance the expertise you have within the business through articles, thought leadership content, white papers, guides and media activities. All these things generate leads and the more you get, the greater number of sales you make and the happier your accountant is going to be at the end of the year!