3 out of 5 candidates reject job offers when company vision unknown

Written by the Editorial Team

A survey of 1,000 professionals and 500 hiring managers has found that 64.7% of job seekers would be prepared to turn down a job offer if they didn’t know or didn’t agree with the hiring company’s mission, values and purpose.

More than half (52%) said they would flatly reject a job offer if neither the mission, values or purpose of the company were in sync with their own.

The survey, conducted by LinkedIn, also found that recruiters fail to communicate the values of the hiring company in 55% of cases.

Its authors suggest that there is a disconnect between what employers and hiring managers see as being key career decision-making factors for candidates, and what the candidates themselves consider to be important.

Despite the economy continuing to perform well, the war for talent continues unabated and the need to attract and retain top performers remains critical to continued business success.

By distinguishing your business from your competition, conveying your values and playing to your strengths you can ensure that your organisation stays ahead of the game and becomes an employer of choice.

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