12,000 reasons recruiters need to build their brand

Written by the Editorial Team

Over the last few years I’ve written about and presented a number of seminars on the importance for recruitment agencies to have a brand that resonates with clients and candidates. In fact, if I were to detail all the arguments for doing so in a single article you would be forgiven for mistaking this post to be the recruiter equivalent to War and Peace.

So in the interests of keeping things short and sweet and equally digestible, here are the top 6 reasons why all recruitment businesses need to focus on ensuring that your brand represents what your agency is all about (and what you want it to become).

Reason 1

The recruitment industry is booming: Despite a slowdown in 2015, almost 9 out of 10 (87%) of UK recruitment agencies met or exceeded their revenue targets for the year (source: Bullhorn) – all forward-thinking and ambitious agencies will be looking to build on that success during the latter half of 2016.

Reason 2 (probably the biggest reason too!):

More agencies = more competition: Figures from Companies House posted in August, showed that in the six months to June 2016 almost 3,000 new recruitment agencies set up shop. Add this to the 5,000+ in 2015 and 4,000+ in 2014 and the total number of new entrants to the market exceeds 12,000. That’s a LOT of new competitors! No wonder 3 out of 5 (67%) of all recruitment leaders expect greater competition from other agencies over the next 12 months (source: SocialTalent).

Reason 3

A strong brand = happy clients: The majority (83%) of recruitment leaders say their brand significantly impacts their ability to attract the right talent for the right roles, both for their clients and their own agencies (source: LinkedIn) – get your branding right and you can position your agency as the ‘recruiter of choice’.

Reason 4

Your competition is investing in their online branding: 33% of recruiters (source: Jobvite) plan to increase their investment in social media in 2016, so you can expect to see (and so can your clients) your key competitors appearing in your news feeds a little more often this year.

Reason 5

Reach passive jobseekers: A candidate who is ‘in’ the market is a more attractive proposition than one who is ‘on‘ the market. Having a strong brand could be the ‘hook’ that tempts them to find out more about what you have to offer.

Reason 6:

There are more people joining the industry: The number of new consultants entering the profession has gone up by 12,000 over the last two years – would your existing brand attract the talent you need for your agency?

So there we have it, six of the most powerful reasons why all good recruitment agencies need to have a great brand.