Top 10 cities in the UK to start a recruitment firm revealed

Written by the Editorial Team

The 10 most popular places to start a recruitment firm have been revealed.

Data obtained by Clearly PR under a Freedom of Information Request from Companies House, has disclosed that London is the top city in which to start a recruitment firm, with 4,198 firms registered in the 12 months between March 2017 and March 2018.

Birmingham, as the UK’s second largest city, registered 839 in the same period, and Manchester registered 488.

The data also revealed that the total number of firms started in January/February 2018 rose to 1,777 – a 9.6% rise on the same period in 2017, when the figure was 1,621.

Paul MacKenzie-Cummins, Managing Director at Clearly PR, comments, “We may be facing uncertainty in the market when it comes to recruiting older workers, the number of people who are freelancing and working on a project basis, and the way in which employers are responding to that – i.e. not hiring as many.

“However, the numbers don’t lie and with the number of firms springing up to cater for so many different types of workers, it would suggest that we are on an upward trajectory.

“Our research shows that London is once again the leader of the pack when it comes to the investment that has gone into setting up these firms, but the Northern Powerhouse is still living up to its name, too. The whole country is capitalising on the talent available out there.”

The full top 10 list is as follows:

City with the most Recruitment start-ups in the last 12 months (March 2017 – March 2018)


City                              Number

1          London                          4,198

2          Birmingham                   839

3          Manchester                   488

4          Leeds                           109

5          Hemel Hempstead         97

6          Peterborough                 89

7          Walsall                          89

8          Dudley                          80

9          Bristol                           79

10         Leicester                       79