Think you need PR for your Recruitment agency? You might, but you might not

Written by the Editorial Team

We were recently contacted by a potential new recruitment agency client who said that they need appoint a new PR agency before the end of the year, because they’re “looking to make a big push” in 2018. All very well, we thought, that is until we probed for more information.

The most obvious question is why they opted on PR for this, followed by what they expect to get in return for their PR activity. As it transpired, and as we expected, they were looking to drive sales in the first few months of the year. For this, they need Marketing not PR.

There is a difference between the two, as highlighted in our recent blog on the subject. So, if you are responsible for the promotional activity of your recruitment agency, there are three things that need to be taken into consideration first.

First consideration: Be clear about what you are measuring

Choosing the appropriate tools and metrics for measurement is a critical element to achieving success with any public relations activity. It is important to understand that measurement is determined by three key elements:

  • Input – what you want to do?
  • Output – what you actually do?
  • Outcome – what impact the input and output have?

Second consideration: Set your objectives

You need to ensure that whatever strategy you put in place is in alignment with the overarching aims of your organisation. For instance:

  • Are you looking to raise brand awareness?
  • Are you seeking to position yourself as a thought-leader?
  • Are you aiming to enhance your reputation?
- Are you seeking to raise perception of your organisation as a leading player in your field?
  • Do you wish to increase customer retention and increase sales via referrals?
  • Are you looking to increase customer engagement and satisfaction?

Third: Define your audience

With your expectations set, objectives identified, and your objective statement agreed you then need to consider who you need to talk to:

  • Who do you want to communicate with? Which stakeholders are most important to you in terms of being instrumental or influential in helping you reach your goals?
  • What budget do you have available, will this be sufficient to address your goals? If not, you need to prioritorise your goals.
  • What will success look like, what will your stakeholders want to get out of this public relations campaign?

The old adage of failing to plan is planning to fail is so true: PR is only successful if you know what you want from it and plan for it accordingly.

Be clear about your objectives, communicate them to your stakeholders, and apply the right tools and techniques to measure the success of your PR.