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Reports finds recruitment agencies to increase investment in engagement tools

Written by the Editorial Team

With GDPR on its way and competition between agencies at its highest ever levels, recruitment business leaders are realising the need to better engage with their clients and candidates, as well as improve operational efficiencies, to ensure they remain ahead of the curve. Cue: increased investment in rec-tech.

According to Bullhorn’s 2018 UK Recruitment Trends report, 52% of recruitment agencies plan to increase their spend on technology over the next 12 months. One area of focus will be on automating key tasks such as interviewing.

CIO magazine cited a great example of RPO provider, Cielo who is using technology to schedule a staggering 50,000 candidate telephone screenings each month “simply by allowing candidates to self-schedule interviews on its network.”

Another example is that of GEMS – the recently launched end-to-end recruitment CRM and workflow solution from Simplicity. It combines both front and back office systems and process, from CRM and payroll to invoicing and reporting. Given that the average recruiter spends four hours each week updating their existing CRM, technology can streamline their processes and free up time for the recruiter to focus on what they do best – selling.

Analytical tools, such as those which eliminate unconscious bias in the recruitment process, will undoubtedly take centre stage over the coming months, too. With International Women’s Day reminding us of the need to better address the gender divide, these tools will serve agencies in a number of business-critical ways.

Not only will their increased investment in the right technologies enable recruitment agencies to do more, more often, faster and smarter, they will also be better placed to recruit the right people for the right roles and without bias.

As a result, they raise their own profile as staffing providers and employers of choice in their own right, while raising the perception of the agency brand itself and positively impacting the bottom line of the business, too.