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Recruitment news this week: 5 things you need to read

Written by the Editorial Team

1. UK business growth gauge rises to two-year high

Business growth in the UK continues along its upward trajectory, rising at its fastest rate for more than two years, according to new figures released by the CBI on Saturday. Looks like British business is doing what it always done…just getting on with it, despite what the doom mongers say will happen once Brexit comes into force next March. Read full article on Reuters

2. Five clever ways that Silicon Valley start-ups hire and keep top talent

If you were a tech company based on the west coast of the United States, it’s fair to say that competition for talent will be pretty high. In this article, one such tech company explains how they, despite not having the deep pockets or kudos of their neighbours Apple and Google et al, still manage to position themselves as an employer of choice. Read full story in Inc

3. ‘Dehumanising, impenetrable, frustrating’: the grim reality of job hunting in the age of AI

It’s hard to escape any talk of how automation will impact the future workforce, as much as it is to avoid hearing about GDPR (we’re certainly maxed out when it comes to that). However, while AI is an inevitability, fears are being raised over its possible implications on diversity in recruitment and exclusion of an increasingly ageing demographic. Read full article in The Guardian

4. Should an algorithm tell you who to promote?

With a cover price of £18.95 per issue, you’d be forgiven for not being a regular reader of the Harvard Business Review. But you can get free access to half a dozen articles each month, and this is one worth reading. It is a fascinating case study that begs the question, should you trust the technology or you gut when it comes to key hiring and promotion decisions? Read full article in Harvard Business Review

5. Recruitment firms make up a quarter of The Sunday Times Top 100 Small Companies to Work For list

If ever proof was needed that recruitment is fast-becoming a career and industry of choice, this is it. An impressive 1 in 4 of all companies featured in the Top 100 list are recruitment companies, and given the rate of growth within the sector we wouldn’t be surprised if that number rises by the time the 2019 list is compiled. Read full story in Recruiter