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Recruitment news this week: 5 things you need to read and listen to

Written by the Editorial Team

1. What is the future of work? – The McKinsey Podcast

AI, people analytics, automation – whatever label it takes, technology is already, and will continue to impact the world of work. More progress has been made with AI and automation over the last five years than at any time over the last 50, so what does this mean in terms of how we prepare, and train the workforce? What skills will be needed (or not, as the case may be), and will there be enough work for humans to do?

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2. Robo-recruiters are quick to replicate human bias, but can they eliminate unconscious bias from the recruitment process? – Financial Times

OK, the FT is hidden behind a paywall, but if you’re interested in reading some rather excellent insights into the world of work, the FT’s Work & Careers section alone justifies the monthly subs. This is a great article that discusses the growing reliance on automation during the screening process. It suggests that while “every stage of the process has been designed to strip out bias,” algorithms will inevitably learn to discriminate. In other words, the machines will mimic the inherent biases of those who code them in the first place.

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3. The future of recruiting – screen candidate before they even apply – Personnel Today

It’s not quite as hair-brained as you might think. Journalist Peter Crush will be familiar to those of you who do PR for your recruitment agencies, as he writes for many of the recruitment, HR and leading business press. Here he discusses a key development in the world of psychometric testing – the surprisingly plausible prospect of potential candidates needing to undertake a test via an app before they are permitted to progress through to the application stage.

It’s akin to the screening questions you have in a job positing on Reed or CV Library et al, only this time it has the added step of a psychometric test. So, is it a plausible option? Will it simply alienate potentially suitable candidates, or will it speed up the screening process? According to proponents of the technology, 92% of candidates who were recruited this way remain with the same employer some two years later.

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4. Economic recovery spreads beyond London as employment rises – ConsultancyUK

New figures published by PwC reveal that London and the South East are no longer the only regions to enjoy strong growth and record high employment. It is widely known that unemployment across the UK is at its highest since the early 1970s, but the ‘wealth’ has traditionally been focused in one area of the country. Not anymore.

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5. Recruitment industry hits record number of start-ups in a single year new figures reveal, despite fears job market may be stalling – ClearlyPR

New figures reveal that the number of newly registered recruitment agencies in 2017 has risen at its fastest ever rate, with 9,001 started since January. Using data obtained under a Freedom of Information Request from Companies House, ClearlyPR has found that between 1st January and 30th November this year, an average of 818 agencies were formally established each month. This is a 28% higher start-up rate than the number registered during the whole of 2016 (6,485 in total, averaging 540 per month).

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