Content Marketing

Quickest way to create ‘new’ content: re-purpose what you already have

Written by the Editorial Team

We all know someone who tells the same stories, over and over again. Repetition is boring. And so we would never encourage you to repeatedly share the same content ad infinitum – that would be plain lazy and counter-productive to our goals to get you seen and heard.

Repurposing content, on the other hand, could prove to be a very lucrative part of a wider content strategy – if you do it in the right way.

Content creation takes time and, if you get someone else to do it, money. So if you’ve already invested in a bank of helpful blog articles that have been posted a handful of times and sat in your archive ever since, repurposing some of it could be a good option.

Repurposing doesn’t mean reusing as is. True repurposing is about adding something valuable and new to the original so that it has fresh appeal to a new audience.

So when is repurposing ok?