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Making an entrance: Three recruitment start ups share their experiences

Working for a well-known and established agency can open many doors, but when successful billers opt to go it alone they no longer have a ‘name’ to fall back on. Instead, they need to work a little harder to ‘sell’ themselves by building trust, establishing new working relationships and raise their profile under their new identity.

To do this and do it well recruiters need to remember why they started out in the first place and why they believe their approach to recruitment is different to their competitors. That means understanding your USPs and more important, know how to use them to win you more new business.

The good news is that many recruiters are terrible at promoting themselves – lack of time, lack of understanding of how social media or blogs work, or a lack of ability to write and write well (there’s absolutely no shame in this – many PR people are dreadful writers…trust me, I’ve met a few!)

But whether you like it or not you need to get on board with promoting your business. After all, you are working in an industry that is seeing more and more new agencies opening their doors every month, employment levels are rising, billings are at their highest in 10 years, and agency owners are investing in building their businesses like never before.

Indeed, according to figures published recently and obtained under a freedom of information request, 4,000 new agencies were registered in 2014. In 2015, 5,100 more were registered as new businesses and 3,000 were registered in the first six months of 2016; that’s around

12,000 new recruitment businesses entering the market

in less than three years.

Of course, not all of those registered will have gone on to become operational, but the majority will have done so.

Over the next few pages you will read the stories of three recruitment business owners who have set up within the last two years.

They share with us the challenges they have faced and the most effective ways they have found to promote their new agency brand and get their name ‘out there’.

Hope they inspire some ideas for you and your business, regardless of what stage you are at.

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