How influencers are selling more than just products and consumer brands

Written by the Editorial Team

Greg Savage, Katrina Collier and Bill Boorman et al. What do they each have in common? They are what we refer to as industry ‘influencers’ – people who truly know their proverbial from their elbow. While there is a tendency to associate the term ‘influencer’ with lifestyle and luxury brands, when it comes to key influencers, the recruitment industry is no different to other sectors of the economy.

Of course, there are variations in the ‘type’ of influencer. Indeed, the three figures mentioned above are proponents of certain facets of the recruitment industry, while there are some influencers who are called upon by rec tech and other providers to serve as advocates for their products and services.

So, what benefit do influencers bring to the table? Is the investment in them worth it? And, do consumers buy-in to what these people are promoting? READ FULL ARTICLE