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Fat cat salaries: Our Editor speaks to the BBC to defend executive pay

Written by the Editorial Team

Recruiter imPRint editor, Paul MacKenzie-Cummins, appeared on BBC Radio Wales today talking about executive pay in light of Jeremy Corbyn’s proposals this week…not everyone agreed with Paul as you will hear! (FFWD to: 01:42:43)

In addition to editing Recruiter imPRint, Paul is the managing director of fastest growing PR agency for the recruitment industry, Clearly PR & Marketing Communications. Having worked with several headhunting firms and generalist agencies for over 10 years in a PR capacity, Paul – like many people working in the sector – has his own thoughts on the merits of executive pay, or what the media has dubbed ‘fat cat salaries’.

The crux of Paul’s defence of executive pay can be found in this article, which we ran in the September edition of Recruiter imPRint: Are Recruiters Doing Enough To Defend Executive Pay?