Episode 6 RECRUITER RADIO: Show and tell

When looking to position your recruitment agency as being an expert in certain sectors, you need to show that you actually are. We can all talk the talk, but the proof really is in the proverbial pudding.  

Episode 5 RECRUITER RADIO: It’s the way you tell ‘em: Getting your agency positioning right

20th July 2017 – Suppose you take 5 of your consultants into a meeting room one-by-one and ask them to tell you, in 20-30 seconds, why a client should do business with your agency versus your key competitor. Film their responses on your phone and after each consultant has had their 20-30 seconds watch the …

Episode 4 RECRUITER RADIO: Whoa, this PR stuff actually works?

12th July 2017 – Case studies – the things all new clients want to see and one of the most effective ways of demonstrating the added value your clients have by working with you. And it’s the same it comes to PR. So over the next few moments we’ll  share some of the ways in …

Episode 2 RECRUITER RADIO: Turning your consultants on (to PR)

19th June 2017 – As we approach the end of Q2 and reach the mid way point of the year, this is typically the time when many recruitment firms take stock of how well their promotional strategy is progressing so far. Is it on track for achieving its objectives or do a few tweaks here …

Episode 1 RECRUITER RADIO: Sector growth slows, but still at record high

The last few years have seen significant growth in the recruitment sector, with turnover increasing year on year. But how does this translate in terms of the number of players operating in this space?