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5 great content sources for your social media feeds

Time is a precious commodity, no matter what your position in the company. But if you are the person given the responsibility for managing your company’s social media activity, how easy is it to find enough of the right content that you need on a daily basis?

Chances are you are like the vast majority of marketers. Indeed, the Content Marketing Institute has found that although 73% of marketers state that they now produce more content than they did in 2012, almost 1 in 3 (29%) struggle to find enough of the content they need.

So if you are in charge of your organisation’s social media, where do you look? Here are our five favourite sources for finding great content that will make your life a whole lot easier!


If you want to find out what types of posts are currently the most popular on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, BuzzSumo will tell you and it’s incredibly easy to use. Simply enter your search term, select which country you want to focus on and hit the search button.

The results can be filtered depending on which social media you are most interested in, which gives you the added advantage of a) identifying which stories have the greatest traction on Twitter versus Facebook, for instance, and b) helping you to evaluate what subject matter could make for good content for your company blog.

LinkedIn Pulse

Be honest, how many of you really use this? Pulse – also known as ‘Publisher’ – is LinkedIn’s own blogging platform, where users can post their own thought leadership content that is shared among their network of contacts. It is also a rich source of daily content too.

Pulse works by customised stories according to those people or organisations that you already follow on LinkedIn. For instance, we write a lot about branding, so much of the daily feeds we receive include links to the latest articles written by some of the most prolific figures on that subject. The website version is good, but we’d recommend the App which is great.

News on iPhone

OK admittedly if you don’t have an iPhone then this option is not available to you, but if you do have one then are you using the inbuilt News app? The app enables you to create your favourite news feeds covering a range of subject matter. For us, we have feeds that cover Advertising, Business, Content Marketing, Digital Media, Marketing…you get the idea.

You can also add the feeds from your favourite news sites, such as Bloomberg, FT, The Huffington Post and just about every other newswire you can think of. And the feeds are all updated in real time, so you can ne sure you are kept up to date with the latest breaking stories.


What MSN is particular good at doing is aggregating the most popular and searched for news stories on the web and placing them in an easy to navigate platform.

Like most news-based sites the top trending stories appear on the home page and on the first set of results under each category heading, but of course you can search the site for more specific content. Its strength is on providing you with more ‘populist’ content, so for any in-depth business-related stories you may have to look elsewhere.


This is perhaps our favourite content generating site. Its minimalist design and easy to use functionality makes this an incredibly popular content aggregator for techies and technophobes alike.

Users can create their own personal dashboard that is fed daily with the latest news from across your key areas of interest and presented in a magazine format.

Much like the News app on the iPhone, we have created a number of categories ranging from Branding and Content Marketing to Leadership and Turtles (don’t ask!). Although you won’t get to view the full article on the site itself, you will get to read a digest à la METRO or the i-independent with a link to the original source.

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